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Food grade stretch film is used to wrap up food products to store them or to be carried and distributed. It is safe and durable packaging material. These films are in compliance with food safety regulations.

It is made to suit wide range of food items. It is used to seal as well as to store the food items. It is also used to keep such food articles fresh in refrigerator. It is made with focused criteria of durability and reliability. Made of food grade material, our range of stretch film is are nontoxic to food items, and do not include Bisfenol A (BPA)..

This stretch films are generally, made of 2 main materials: Polyethylene (PE) or Polyvynilchlorur (PVC).

The stretch films were used to be made of polivynil chlorur (PVC) before. Today, they are made of either low density polyethylene (LDPE), or VLMF PVC, or polymerised plastics in order to protect public health.

Material           : PVC or PE

Size                 : Different thickness, width, length and weight are available as per the customer needs.

Colour             : Transparent or yellow

Packing          : 1 roll in an export cartoon with sticker

Marking          : As per the customer request

Private label is available.



Polyethylen (PE), is a kind of thermoplastic film generated by the polymerisation of the gasous ethylen under high temperature and pressure.

Polyethylen (PE) stretch filmles, are suitable to be in touch with all kind of goods including the fatty food.


Environmental friendly

Perfect water proof

Durable against acyds, alchalies, inorganic chemicals etc..

High flexibility

Suitable for printing

Possible to be laminated on paper or aluminium.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage



A poor inhibitor for oxygen or carbondioxide

Poor durability against oils and fat and can absorb them

Easy to be loaded by statical electricity


Low density polyethylene (LDPE ) is commenly preffered to produce the plastic packing films.

LDPE doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals, thus, more suitable to be used in kitchen comparing with the likes made of PVC, by means of lower adhesiveness.

According to the corresponding article of ISO 10993, the manufacturers must proof that they do not use any kind of poisonous agents with the raw material.

It means this products applies for special documentation can be variable on the import regulations.

Our range of PE stretch film is in accordance with the rules and certification is available.

The stretch film comes in transparent or yellow colour as per the customer request.

The thickness, width, length, weight and inner core will be as per the customer demand.