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Import From Turkey?

If you want to import from Turkey, if you want to find a product made in Turkey, if you want to meet a Turkish manufacturer, if you need a full service to get a Turkish product until your warehouse, you are in the good hands. Talda Turkey offers the best service to the clients who wants to import a Turkish product.

If you want to source a product made in Turkey, we offer you some choices of manufacturers whether from our supply chain or a new one. We will represent our customer to the manufacturer, and we will be in charge of communication. 

By means of our experience, we are capable to understand the market price of the requested product. Once you are reported about a variety of the manufacturers, then we can continue to negotiate on behalf of you, to get the top bottom price of the product. 

We can make a factory audit as per your request, and check the financial situation of the manufacturer to understand their vision and policy.

After we agree on the quality, price and delivery terms and bounded by a proforma invoice, we will send you a sample for final confirmation. We will find the best possible way to deliver the sample under a good condition, after careful consideration about the cost and the lead time.

Depending on the request, we can arrange a meeting with the chosen manufacturers. we will support your travel organisation with our suggestions on the flight, hotels, in-city transportation etc.. We will be your advisor company during your meeting, and will assist the communication as well. Besides, you will be adviced about the touristic trip if you want to take a time and enjoy your travel after the business. There are a lot of place to see, a lot of food to taste, to discover.

Talda Turkey is capable to understand market price of requested product. This will be your advantage to check if you can find the product with your target price during the source. And during all the process, we will be in charge to negotiate on behalf of you to get the bottom price possible in the market. 

Talda Turkey understands that, the customer must make a carefull consideration on the cost of the product until the commodity arrives at the final destination. We will be in charge to check the import rules of the destination country, on the view of taxes, documents and certification. We will check the transportation, customs and all the other charges before you place the order. And will present a report showing the charges until the destination, to let the customer understand the estimating total cost of the product. 

After the consideration, if the customer decides to import the product, he needs to confirm the order.  Generally it is a document stating the down payment, then the process starts. We can assist the customer to track the process to feel safe.

We know the variety of tools to make a secure payment. The customer will choose beyond them. And we will report the acceptance of the payment through the manufacturer. In case of a problem, we will be here to assist.

We will be in assistance for the production process. We may check the steps, take care about the delivery time, and communication. 

Before the delivery time, it is necessary to fix transport operation . After the customer decides the transportation way, we will be in charge to arrange transportation by a reliable forwarder taking care of domestic transportation, freight, dispatchal and arrival schedule. 

By the delivery of the commodity, we will be in the manufacturer’s plant to check the quality and the quantity of the goods and during the dispatchal we will be in process, too. We will stay in touch with the custom broker and the forwarder, about the process

Talda Turkey will be in assistance staying in touch with the manufacturer, custom broker, shipping forwarder and the customer about the communication as an advisor. We will follow up the operation process together with the custom broker.

Although there are some standard import documents, there may be some additional documents on the view of import regulation of the destination country fort he mentioned product. After the delivery time, we will start to collect import documents all, check the correspondance and we will be fast to forward the documents to the importer’s custom broker to avoid loosing time. 

After the commodity is in your warehouse, you will be able to check the entire process on the base of product quality, possible damages during the transportation, real cost, manufacturer’s behavior, delivery time etc.. After consideration, we will be waiting for your feedback or suggestion.