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This web site is dedicated to my dear husband

Mr.David Levi


who was the founder of the idea of starting Talda Turkey.
Mr. David Levi was born in Istanbul Turkey. From the very beginning of his life, he was a hard working person. He raised himself with faith and moral of a good human being, loved and respected by all.
He understood very well the nature of business in Turkey and how it should be handled.
Mr. David was the one who could successfully and professionally approach the demands of foreign markets in the Turkish market.
He dedicated his last years to guide people who wished to grow their business by finding the accurate products they need in Turkey together with me Revital (Tali), his wife.
As Mr. David was a master in knowing and handling the culture and the mentality in Turkey, Talda Turkey has become a great success.
Since he passed away I continue to manage Talda Turkey in his path.
Mr. David was a man of faith, wisdom and natural kindness; he was like a protecting angel in our world. With his deep blue eyes and endless smile, he always approached everyone with mercy and respect.
David dear, you are always in our hearts and minds and be sure we will follow your way and keep Talda Turkey growing as you always wanted.